PPL Oral 学习自测quiz

YS (PPL-IR | KRNT) 2021-2-13 1588

  • What are the currency requirements for carrying passengers? Are they different at night? How so?
  • What must be in your physical possession when acting as PIC?
  • What documents must be in the airplane (AROW)?
  • We then went through the maintanence records which are a bit of a nightmare. It’s beyond me why this isn’t all done electronically.
  • Can you fly during the day if the landing light is out?
  • What equipment is required for day time VFR? Night time VFR?
  • Are you required to log all flight time as a PPL?
  • What are the four forces acting on the plane?
  • What is an airfoil? How does it work? Name a few examples on the plane.
  • What is the angle of attack?
  • What does relative wind mean?
  • What causes the left turning tendency? He didn’t want me to just name them, he really wanted to know why these caused the plane to turn left.
  • What is load factor and why is it important?
  • How does load factor relate to stall speed?
  • What is a stall? How do you recover?
  • What is a spin? How do you recover?
  • What is ground effect? What causes ground effect?
  • How do you determine the CG?
  • What is the moment?
  • What can you expect if the plane CG is rearward? Forward?
  • How do humidity, altitude and temperature affect the plane?
  • Define true, absolute, and indicate altitude.
  • What kind of fuel will we be using today? What color is it? Would water sink or float when testing the fuel for containments?
  • What kind of oil? How much needs to be in the plane?
  • What color is hydraulic fluid?
  • What would happen if the pitot static system were blocked?
  • What about if you hit a bird and your pitot tube got clogged?
  • What if your static system failed?
  • What would you do if you retract the flaps but only one side comes up and the plane is rolling to the side that Is still down?
  • Whose responsible if the plane is in an un-airworthy state?
  • What are the four forces acting on the airplane?
  • Climb performance: Using the climb performance to chart to determine climbing over a 2200 ft hill 3 miles off the end of the runway
  • How would your climb performance be in the summer?
  • What if you havn’t flown in a long time? What do you have to do?
  • Some airfields have ticks around them while others are just circles, what does this mean?
  • What are the requirements for SVFR at night in a class D?
  • What can you do if the wx at your destination is below vfr?

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