IFR 学习自测 quiz

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下面是我自己在备考IFR checkride的自测的题目,有很多也是关于PPL VFR的,因为是自己看的有的可能比较难理解,有问题的请回帖!

  1. What are the personal documents required for flight.
  2. What are the aircraft documents required for flight.
  3. What are the aircraft equipment's required for IFR (day/night)
  4. What are the aircraft inspections required for IFR
    1. How do you inspect the VOR
    2. Where can you find VOT information?
  5. How do you do preflight self-assessment checklist.
  6. How do you do risk management and personal minimums
  7. What do you need to stay IFR recency
    1. On aircraft/AATD
    2. On ATD
  8. Within/out 6 months, what do you need to get recency?
  9. What is needed as a safety pilot?
  10. When can you log instrument time?
  11. When do you need IPC?
  12. What time limits can a clearance have?
  13. What do you need to carry passengers? Day/night
  14. What do you need to act as a PIC?
  15. When do you need to file a IFR flight plan?
  16. How can you file a flight plan?
  17. Where can you find IFR preferred routes?
  18. What is SID, what do you need to fly a SID?
  19. What is ODP, what do you need to fly an ODP?
  20. What is standard IFR take-off requirements?
  21. What is STAR, what do need to fly a STAR
  22. IFR minimum altitudes, cursing altitudes
  23. What are the mandatory reports under IFR?
  24. When do you need an alternate?
    1. What are required to be an alternate
  25. What is holding time and speed limit?
  26. What is MEA, what clearance does it provide
  27. What is MOCA, what clearance does it provide
  28. What is RVR, where can you find conversion?
  29. When lost comms, where do you fly?
  30. When do not fly a procedure turn?
  31. When can you descend below MDA/DA?
  32. What do you need to fly a circle approach
  33. Why some approach does not have a runway assigned?
  34. Why some approach has a circle minimum only?
  35. What is in NW chart supplements
  36. What are in Digital Terminal Procedure Supplements
  37. What are in Terminal Procedure Publication?
  38. What is VOR
    1. What are the types and their volumes
    2. What are the VOR limitations
    3. How can you check VOR, what needed to signoff?
    4. What is full scale deflection
    5. Distance off course calculation
  39. What is ILS
    1. What is LOC full scale deflection
    2. What is LOC coverage, horizontally and vertically.
    3. What is GS full deflection
    4. What is GS range, horizontally and vertically.
    5. Where are OM/MM/IM
  40. What is GPS
    1. How many satellites? Minimum/operating/guarantee? Where are they?
    2. How does it work?
    3. What is full scale deflection? (en-route/terminal/approach)
    4. What is RAIM, how do you check RAIM
    5. How many satellites need to locate/RAIM/FDE
    6. What is WAAS, what approaches need WAAS
  41. What are the pitot-static instruments, how do they work?
  42. What are the gyroscopic instruments, how do they work?
  43. Static blockage, which instrument affected and how?
    1. What can you do?
    2. How would alternate static source work.
  44. Pitot blockage, ram block vs both holes blocked, and what to do?
  45. What is AHRS
  46. What is ADC
  47. What are the magnetic compass errors and limitations.
  48. What are the basic VFR weather minimums
  49. Where can you obtain en-route weathers
  50. What are AIRMET, SIGMET, Convective SIGMET
  51. What need to form thunderstorms, what stages of thunderstorms
  52. What are the types of fogs
  53. What are the types of icing
  54. What are the types of hypoxia
  55. What are the oxygen requirements
  56. What is hyperventilation
  57. What are the dimensions of victor airway
  58. How to deal with inop equips
  59. What do you have with standby batt?
  60. Position report IPTEAN

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